Tewkesbury Shield 1999, 1st May

In 1999, we were successful in entering a band for the national 10-bell striking competition at Tewkesbury.

I inherited the responsibility of organising an entry from Karen, and it was something I did not relish, though was proud to have the responsibility. After much toing and froing with who should be in the band, we eventually decided on a band that accurately represented the active membership of WC's, from all ages, sexes and walks of life.

The day itself was hot and sunny and it was a pleasure to sit outside with a pint (no more than one, mind!) for a change.

After the ringing everyone was in a hurry to leave, so the only person left to tell the results was Paul Lewis (who'd been ringing for Hereford - traitor!). We were pleased to discover that we had come one from bottom (9th or 11th) and agreed that it had been a worthwhile project, raising awarenedd of the standard of the society. Next time however, more effort would be made to organise some practices for the band (maybe a peal?).

- Martin Hatfield