Easter tour 1999 - North Staffordshire, 23-25th April

Ok, well this is what I can remember:

Alison had a job in Leek and persuaded is all to go and have a tour in her vicinity so she didn't have to travel far and could sleep in her own bed for a change (she must be getting old!)

A rather poor turn-out on Friday night, mainly due to exams, did not inspire me withconfidence for the rest of the tour, but I soon forgot about this after some excellent beer and a curry.

The hall was large and cavernous, and what with some people staying in the comfort of Alison's flat, there were few people to keep warm with.

The weather was bad, but despite all this we had some good ringing, even at Sroke-on-Trent's 12!

Paul and Fiona made an excellent Italian Salad and some pasta (I think) for Sat evening, and ickle Popple entertained us all with some dancing.

- Martin Hatfield