Welsh Colleges' Society of Change Ringers

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Current constitution ratified 13/02/2010

This constitution can be downloaded as a PDF here.

  1. The Society shall be called “The Welsh Colleges’ Society of Change Ringers”
  2. The Society shall have for its objectives the following:
    • a. To promote the ringing of church bells for Divine Service;
    • b. To foster the art of change ringing, in our Colleges, and in the Principality.
  3. The members of the Society shall be:
    • a. Ordinary members – students and staff (past or present) at colleges of higher and further education in Wales;
    • b. Associate members – those whom the Society shall see fit to elect in recognition of support given to the Society. They shall have attended no fewer than three principal society events – these being the Dinner, Easter, Summer and Autumn tours;
    • c. Honorary members – those whom the Society shall see fit to elect in recognition of the special services to the society.
  4. The Officers of the Society shall be:
    • a. The Master
    • b. The Deputy Master
    • c. The General Secretary
    • d. The Social Secretary
    • e. Other officers that the society shall see fit to elect.
  5. The Officers shall be elected annually at the AGM, the Officers to take office at midnight following the meeting.
  6. The Social Secretary shall have a summary of the accounts ready to be presented at the AGM for adoption.
  7. Any business transacted including the election of members shall require the majority agreement of a quorum of no fewer than eight members at a meeting convened by the General Secretary, the meeting having been advertised in the ‘Ringing World’ at least seven days before the meeting except that, prior to a peal attempt, persons eligible to be members taking part in the attempt may be elected as members by a unanimous vote of the members in the attempt, such election to be subject to ratification at a meeting of the Society.
  8. Motions affecting the constitution must be ratified at the AGM, by a two thirds majority of those voting and shall come into force immediately after that meeting.
  9. The Society shall hold a minimum of two meetings per annum, one being the AGM during the Dinner Tour and others at times as any three of the Master, Deputy Master, Social Secretary and General Secretary shall decide.